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Hot Toys for Boys

Look no further as we have assembled the hottest toys for boys – whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or some other special occasion, we have it all right here. We have broken down our toys for boys into the most popular categories so you can easily see the types of toys that boys are interested in.

Action Figures – Boys love action figure toys. These days Star Wars and Transformers top the list but there are some newcomers making some noise. Check out these action figures here.
Star Wars Playset

Building and Construction Sets – Building sets are a cornerstone of a boys childhood. Legos and megablocks are very popular and even Lincoln Logs have made a comeback.
lincoln logs

Games – Boys love to play games. Jenga and Watch Ya’ Mouth are by far the most popular but some old classics have made a big return like Uno and Connect Four.

Toy Cars and RC Cars – Nothing makes a boy happier than having a race car set or a radio-controlled car. Hot Wheels are always in style along with Star Wars RC cars and Matchbox Sets.

Outdoor Play – Nothing lights up a young boys eyes better than a Nerf gun or a Little Tikes basketball goal. Never rule out happy it would be for him to have his own Trampoline as well.
Little Tikes

And there are plenty of brand new toys coming out it seems everyday. Here is a list of the Top 100 Hottest New Toys on the Market.

I am sure you will find that perfect toy for that boy who is so deserving.

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